Sure-Lok and Q'Straint | Wheelchair Securments & Occupant Restraints

Sure-Lok Wheelchair Securements


Comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

These are three things every non-emergency medical transportation company strives to provide its passengers.

Our approach at Sunset Vans is very similar.

As we work one-on-one with our valued clients and travel the country to expos and other events, our primary focus is finding new ways to better protect your passengers.

This means we spend a significant amount of time speaking with vendors and finding the best available products for our online store and shop.

Some of the most important tools you and your team utilize on a daily basis are wheelchair securements and occupant restraints.

Each time a passenger enters one of your vehicles, their safety largely depends on the quality of the wheelchair tie-downs your company uses.

This is why we carry Sure-Lock Wheelchair Securements and Occupant Restraints in our online store and highly recommend them to all of our customers.

Sure-Lok has been a staple in the Wheelchair Securement industry for over 30 years. Offering the widest selection of wheelchair and occupant restraint systems, Sure-Lok’s occupant restraint systems utilize the best available materials and cutting-edge technology to design products that offer the best level of comfort and protection to passengers.

Including lap and shoulder belts, wheelchair tie-down systems, and more, the Sure-Lok restraint system is designed to keep passengers safe and comfortable in your vehicles.

If you have questions about or would like to purchase Sure-Lok Wheelchair and Occupant Restraints for your fleet, please contact us at (888) 280-8267.