Preventative Maintenance for BraunAbility and Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

How to Keep your BraunAbility and Ricon Wheelchair Lifts Operating Smoothly

One of the best things about our work at Sunset Vans is that it equips you, our valued customers, to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities on a daily basis.

But operating a fleet of non-emergency medical transportation vehicles has its own unique challenges. As with any vehicle, regular maintenance is required to ensure it continues to run smoothly, but it is easy to forget that preventive maintenance on wheelchair lifts is necessary.

Without it, your company faces the unneeded risk of higher liability for malfunctions and increased downtime for vehicles that must undergo wheelchair lift repair.

Braun and Ricon both recommend that wheelchair lifts be serviced every six months to ensure proper operation. With a standard vehicle, oil changes and tire rotations are common practices when it comes to service. At our service center, we provide preventative maintenance for both Braun and Ricon wheelchair lifts as well as any needed wheelchair lift repairs.

A common wheelchair lift service includes proper cleaning of the lift, checking to make sure all fluids are at the appropriate levels, lubing any moving mechanisms, checking all safety switches, inspecting welds and the electrical system, testing the manual backup system, and more.

Braun Wheelchair Lift Maintenance

In addition to daily inspections, Braun generally recommends that its wheelchair lifts are serviced every 750 cycles and this may vary depending on where your business is located and what type of usage your Braun wheelchair lift experiences.

Businesses located in harsher climates should reach out directly to their trusted service department to determine whether or not one service appointment every 750 cycles will suffice and heavy usage of the lift may require additional inspections and more maintenance.

Ricon Wheelchair Lift Maintenance

Ricon recommends that each of its lifts be checked daily or at 10-20 cycles of operation and encourages users to have the wheelchair lift examined by an authorized Ricon service technician at least once every six months.

If your Ricon wheelchair lift experiences more than 10 cycles per day, the company also recommends the lift be serviced more frequently. The primary goal of our service center is to keep your wheelchair lifts operational so that you can serve your clients and prevent any exorbitant costs for your company.

An ancillary benefit of preventative maintenance of your Bruan or Ricon wheelchair lifts is that they will be cleaned on a regular basis and in pristine condition for your clients.

If you are interested in setting up a regular preventative maintenance schedule for your fleet of non-emergency medical vehicles, please reach out to our service department at 888-280-8267.

Our service department is well-stocked with everything you need to keep your fleet up and running including Braun lift parts, Ricon lift parts, Sure-Lok occupant restraints, Sure-Lok wheelchair tie-downs, and more! We would love to be your one-stop-shop for all your wheelchair service and parts needs!